County Commission District 3

The Leon County Democratic Environmental endorses RICK MINOR.

Rick Minor, a Democrat, is the incumbent in this race.  Commissioner Minor has been active with the Democratic Party for many years, serving for a time as Leon County Democratic Party chair.  He’s worked for Democratic candidates, and he was chief of staff for Mayor John Marks.  He ran Second Harvest for three years.  He’s a knowledgeable commissioner whose typical role is compromise seeker.  If anyone contributes to civility and cordiality on the commission, it’s Rick.  

We like numerous votes made by Commissioner Minor in his one term on the commission.  He voted against the destruction of the Boynton Still neighborhood.  Ultimately, he voted against the misguided decision to give $20 million of Blueprint economic development money to FSU for stadium repairs.  He voted against the outrageous motion to adjourn by Commissioner Williams-Cox that prematurely shut down a Blueprint meeting in order to prevent discussion of Blueprint transparency.  And Rick took the initiative to set up a Task Force to push for improvements to North Monroe.

On the other hand, Rick voted to spend $40 million on an ill-advised convention center to be run by FSU that, luckily, FSU ended up deciding was a bad idea.  He voted to change the comp plan to facilitate development in another chunk of the Welaunee Plantation, making it likely that development will continue to be concentrated in the northeast for the next thirty years.  He voted to approve the hugely expensive Northeast Gateway.  We see the developer money going into Rick’s campaign.  But, especially with Kristin Dozier leaving the county commission to run for mayor, we believe the commission needs Rick’s historical knowledge and policy expertise and peacemaking skill.  

He’s being challenged by Joey Lamar.  While Lamar, a Democrat, is well-educated and earnest, he’s a relative newcomer to Leon County, and doesn’t yet bring as much depth of understanding to the table.

The other challenger, Damon Victor, is not a Democrat, and he seems more focused on making attacks than offering viable solutions.

In the view of the Democratic Environmental Caucus, Rick Minor is the best candidate for this seat, and he’s needed on the county commission.